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Small-scale performance, often in collaboration with musicians, is an ongoing part of my research practice. A selection is below.


Alignments (2018)
Choreography/Performance: Megan Nicely
Music: Byron Au Yong and Christopher Yohmei Blasdel, Giacomo Fiore (composition: Eve Belgarian)

Performance History:
May 2018, Zero Conditional at Theatre of Yugen, San Francisco (premiere)
May 2018, Dionysian Festival, Mary Sano School of Duncan Dance, San Francisco;
June 2018 Smith College, Northampton, MA


By the Throat (2010-2013)
This solo takes a spit-second moment—realization that one is in imminent danger—and blows it up to create an environment where the dancer is simultaneously pursuer and pursued. The situation may be “real,”—a dark forest with unknown animals, or involve psychological presences. This work explores the visceral and felt aspects of these conditions as the dancer makes her way from danger to safety. The music score includes the sounds of live animals. (10 minutes)

Choreography/Performance: Megan Nicely
Music: Ben Frost

Performance History:
August 2012, MilkBar, Oakland, CA (premiere)
February 2013, Cool NY Dance Festival, Brooklyn
June 2011, Dance Theater Workshop, New York (workshop showing)
2010, Bare Bones Butoh, San Francisco, CA



Outside the Box: In Memory of Trisha Brown (2017)
Performance History:
Dionysian Festival, Mary Sano School of Duncan Dance, San Francisco;
Stanford University


Familiar (2016)
with original music by Erick Scheid
Performance History: 
Dionysian Festival, Mary Sano School of Duncan Dance, San Francisco


Inventing Solitude (2015)
Performance History: 
Bare Bones Butoh, San Francisco 


Sonic Body Improv (2014)
with Deborah Karp and Jim Brashear
Performance History: 
Sonic Body Series, San Francisco


Fragile (2014)
with Shoshana Greene
Performance History: 
Bare Bones Butoh, San Francisco 


Improvisation (2012)
Performance History: 
For 20 Points of View, Luna Dance Institute, Berkeley


Homegrown (2008)
Performance History: 
New York Butoh Festival, Brooklyn, NY