Aperture, Breath (2013): Part meditation, part self-observation, the piece presents a landscape of consciousness in which groups energetically cohere, gathering and dissipating energy in order to expand perception. The work is staged against windows offering a view of the city, accompanied by an original musical score of country sounds such as milking cows. Within this environment of juxtaposition, unexplained tasks such as a competition game using metal objects, or moving with costumes stuffed full of paper, arise to be completed by the six performers.


Choreography: Megan Nicely with the dancers
Performance: Liz Boubion, Merlin Coleman, Deborah Karp, Laura Marsh, Megan Nicely, Leyya Tawil
Music/Sound Design: Merlin Coleman
Lighting Design: Allen Willner
Costume Design: Megan Nicely

Performance History:
September 2013, Under Her Breath, KUNST STOFF arts, San Francisco (premiere)
March 2014, SALTA City Church Judson Limits, Oakland

Support: Zellerbach Family Foundation, RAD Artist Series