Courses Developed and Taught:

    1. Butoh Techniques (Community Class, San Francisco, fall 2014-present)
    2. Dance in San Francisco (University of San Francisco, 2015-present)
    3. Embodied Activism: Dance, Subjects, and Mobilization in Contemporary American Society (University of San Francisco Davies Forum, fall 2014)
    4. Dance and Social History (University of San Francisco, 2010-present)
    5. Contemporary Performance Practices (University of San Francisco, 2012-present)
    6. Popular Dance: Culture and Subcultures (University of San Francisco, 2011-present)
    7. Walkabout: Exploring Urban Spaces (University of San Francisco, 2013-present)
    8. Contemporary Experimental Choreography (New York University, 2010)
    9. USF Dance Ensemble Concert Producer and Choreographer (University of San Francisco, 2000-2006; 2010-present)
    10. Beginning and Intermediate Modern Technique (University of San Francisco, 2000-2006)
    11. Dance Appreciation (University of San Francisco, 2005-2006)
    12. Dance: The Craft (University of San Francisco, 2000)